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10 Tips For Your Next Live Stream & Virtual Event

If you were feeling optimistic about your in-person event scheduled for 2022, we understand! Many of us were feeling cautiously optimistic about bringing in-person conferences, retreats, and annual meetings back in 2022 and are now looking at pivoting back to virtual. Even if you have not budgeted for the extra expense editing or video production might add, we hope you will consider the following tips before calling your nephew or intern to take on the important task of creating a professional and engaging online event.

#10: Lights, Camera, Action

From our own zoom meetings, we know the difference that lighting can make, taking our video from witness protection program to broadcast quality! To make sure your speaker is well lit, we recommend purchasing a small and inexpensive video light. This two pack on Amazon will do wonders for your production without breaking your budget. Just remember: A little goes a long way. Over-exposing (blowing-out) your subject is just as bad as under-exposing them. Be subtle. Extra points if you can see the small reflection of the light in your subject’s eyes.

#9: Adjust Your Camera Angle to Eye Level

Adjusting the height of your camera to the proper eye line is an easy and cheap way to connect with your viewers at home. Instruct your speaker to raise their laptop to the proper height needed to be looking straight ahead into the camera. This universal laptop riser works great, but so will a well-placed book or two.

#8: Use A Microphone

Please don’t use your laptop as a microphone. Audio is extremely important for automated closed captioning services and the overall experience of your audience. This external microphone is a great option if you have the budget or your AirPods will work as well.

#7: Choose a Quiet Location

The most expensive microphone still won’t help if you don’t have clean sound to begin with. Close the windows and lock the door.

#6: No Windows

Windows make everything more difficult. From the sound of the birds chirping to the ever-changing light from a cloudy day. At the very least, do not put a window behind your speaker.

#5: Standardize Your Camera and Audio Settings

Whether you’re using Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype there are Advanced Settings that can optimize your video and audio quality. It’s extremely important that you familiarize yourself with the advanced settings of your live stream application. Auto-focusing, skin smoothing, and audio enhancing are all settings you may find hidden deep in your application’s settings. Find them and use them to your advantage!

#4: Plug Into Ethernet

Wifi is an incredible technology, but when it comes to live streaming, make sure your presenters are plugged into the web via an old-school ethernet cable. Here’s a USB to Ethernet Adapter for laptops without an ethernet port. And while you’re at it, make sure everyone is plugged into power as well.

#3: Upgrade Your Gear

There have been some incredible advancements in DIY live streaming and live event equipment since remote work and virtual events became more mainstream in 2020. Companies like Blackmagic Design have created professional yet affordable gear like their Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, as well as the ATEM Mini Pro, which allows you to stream and live switch up to four cameras simultaneously, using just your laptop and HDMI cables.

#2: Test Everything…Then Test It Again

When it comes to live streaming, there’s a lot that can go wrong, similar to in-person events. Although, with virtual events, there are more options for practicing and testing. It’s important to minimize as many variables as possible. We recommend going through your entire program one day before your scheduled event. Tweak any issues that come up and then run it again. Make sure to leave everything as is, once it’s all set.

#1: Skip all of this and team up with Spacebar Video

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While simple online video conferencing tools may suffice for more small group networking, working with a professional video production crew will create a more polished, branded experience for events that aim to reach a wide and engaged audience. Multi-cam video, animation and pre-recorded content will take your virtual event to the next level. 

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